Thursday, April 9, 2009

Story Sketch Assignment 2

Story Sketch 2
For this assignment, we had to use two characters and place them in a totally random environment that didn't relate to them. Our theme had to be "dealing with death."
I was forced to have a degree of randomness and disorder in this story. It was hard for me to develop an idea of chaos to organize, so I got my friend Zane to set up a situation for me and then tried to contain it from there.

The houses begin to look like dots as the hot air balloon raised higher and higher into the blue sky. There were two lucky riders, one man with a crisp tuxedo, a top hat and a briefcase filled with flowers, wands and other toys of deception, the other, a lanky boy with slightly tattered clothes, a boom box and backpack. The two gazed upon the shrinking world below them as they floated higher and higher into the endless blue sea. They began to pass over a dense forest when the balloon started to emit disturbing sounds. After a loud pop, the balloon began to plummet uncontrollably. The rich colors of the balloon became blurs in the sky as they began to fall. The swift artist of illusion grabbed on to the side of the basket, screaming, and opened his briefcase attempting to pull out anything that could save him, sheets, and handkerchiefs, even doves. The boy just stood there, gazing at the spinning imagery of the warm sun and the sky melting into the green of forest. Moments later, the air balloon aggressively collided with a large pine tree. As the dust cleared, the boy weakly pulled himself from the basket and turned around to see the silenced magician, entangled within his colored handkerchiefs in the twisted branches of the tree.

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