Thursday, April 9, 2009

Story Sketch Assignment 1

Story Sketch 1:
Our requirements included only having one character and we had to use a binocular as a prop.
After writing this story, I learned to "show not tell." I had to re-write it a couple times because I was telling how the character felt instead of showing it.

It's after bedtime in a dark room. Tim pulls off the covers from over his head, shaking in fear. he takes out his night vision binoculars from his nightstand and checks the premise. He looks around each part of the room, making sure not to miss a spot. He takes a deep sigh of relief and places his binoculars back in his drawer for the next night. The next night, Tim pulls off his covers again, shaking just as fiercely as the previous night. He goes to pull out his handy pair of night vision binoculars from the drawer, but they are not there. Terrified, he pulls the covers over his head and breathes heavily. He stays up all night in fear until he finally realized the sun had come out. He pulls off the covers in disbelief that he has made it through the night without his goggles. He jumps atophis bed in a hero stance. Then, he runs to the squeaky basement door, swings it open boldly, and begins to take a step. Then, he changes his mind, flings the door closed, and pulls out his slingshot.

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